Sea Stories

There I was...

Okay, here's your chance to tell those old tales to a fresh audience. Anything of a vaguely navigational nature will be accepted; note that the first story is actually about watching the space shuttle launch while underway.

All stories are subject to editing by me for spelling and bad language; before making any major changes I will check with the author. Nothing classified, please.

Submit your stories to with a subject of "Sea Story".

  1. The Space Shuttle - Steve Ewing
  2. SPAN Trainer Session - Steve Ewing
  3. Frigate Quartermaster - Henry Cordova
  4. Loran-A - Henry Cordova
  5. The Hollywood Sextant - Henry Cordova
  6. Surfacing The Nautilus - John C. Yuill, QMSN(SS)
  7. Painting the E's - Christy Judd, QM2(SW)
  8. That Would Be MORSE Code... - Frank Dyess, QM2(SS)
  9. What's This Dirt? - Justin Miller, QM3(SS)
  10. Midshipmen and Intelligence - Randy Berkshire
  11. Bad Air - Good Captain - Michael A. Purviance
  12. Seven Bells - QMCM Albert N. Crawford, USN (Ret.)
  13. Wayward Helmsman - Frank Dyess, QM2(SS)
  14. Deck Log Clean-up - Steve Ewing
  15. On Yankee Station - Henry Cordova
  16. Mail Buoy - Richard (Rick) Neault
  17. On My Shoulders - Hector Cardenas, QM3
  18. Sextant for Submariners - Steve Ewing
  19. Identification Follies - QM1(SS) McCoy
  20. Dead SINS = Dead Reckoning - Fred Louese
  21. The Williamson Turn - Evan Lewis


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