About This Site

  1. About the webmaster: This site is maintained by me, Steve Ewing, a 16-year Navy veteran who served as a Quartermaster in the Submarine Service, finishing as a QM1(SS). You can find my personal web site at:
    This has many useful links, and my bio is also on it, in painful detail.

  2. About the domain: I have the domain qmss.com registered to me. I intend to keep this domain for the forseeable future: it is not going anywhere.

  3. About the web page: I control the content and design of the web page. I try to maintain it in accordance with standard Netiquitte. I gratefully accept submissions, but reserve the right to edit them for style and content before posting them (meaning mainly bad language and spelling).

    I will link to sites I feel are of interest on the topics of navigation, Navy, and sailing in general. I certainly authorize anyone to link to this site. I don't feel that reciprocity is required: because you link to me it is not necessary that I link to you, and vice-versa.

    I don't do ads, nor pop-ups, and try to keep the graphics to a small size. The page is written using Arachnophila, and often updated on the fly using vi. It is as lean and basic as I can make it, while still making it look good.

  4. Awards: QMSS.com is starting to garner some attention. Let's hope it generates some content, too. I have set up an Awards Page. I don't plan to hand out my own (what do I know?).


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