Help Me, Shipmate!

If you did a web search on Quartermaster, you might hit a few sites that are by retired Navy QMs, but the bulk of them are Army quartermasters, which of course is something totally different (and beneath our notice). I want a site that says: this is Navy QM, which is why despite the QM(SS) bias implicit in the domain name, I want some surface input. If you know any ex-QMs, submarine or surface, I welcome their contributions.

This is what I'm looking for: a page or so on:

  • what is a QM?
  • what are his duties/responsibilities?
  • Day in the life of/daily routine
  • watch routine
  • changing times--conventional navigation vs. satellite, celestial vs. electronic
  • some things never change: wind and wave stuff
  • sea stories, funny or serious
  • pics, either electronic or by post (they won't get them back)
  • web links to things that would pique a QM's interest

No pay for any of this, but I'll give credit where due. Don't bother trying to write the HTML, I'll take care of that; just send me the text.
Email submissions to:


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