2018 Hole In The Wall Camp Challenge

The challenge this year is to do better than last year!

Yes, this is a motivational tool, but it works: together we are raising money to fund a child to this wonderful camp, where they can get away from the stress of fighting for their lives, and just be a kid again!

Help me in this worthy cause. Click the link to go to my donation page, and make a contribution to improve the life of a deserving child.

Sue's Official Camp Website Donation Page



Security note: the link goes to the official Hole In The Wall Gang Camp site, and the Donate button there goes to a secure site. Your donation is safe. This page was created solely to act as a convenient and easy-to-remember link to that official page.

The actual page URL to go directly to Sue's page on the official Hole In The Wall Gang Camp website is:

You can, if you prefer, copy that and paste it directly into your browser window: that ensures there is no background trickery going on (although, of course, there is not!)





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